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jBNC Toolkit
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Bayesian Network Classifier Toolbox

jBNC Toolkit

jBNC is a Java toolkit for training, testing, and applying Bayesian Network Classifiers. Implemented classifiers have been shown to perform well in a variety of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining applications.


* Naive Bayes
* TAN - tree augmented naive Bayes
* FAN - forest augmented naive Bayes
* STAN - selective tree augmented naive Bayes
* STAND - selective tree augmented naive Bayes with node discarding
* SFAN - selective forest augmented naive Bayes
* STAND - selective forest augmented naive Bayes with node discarding

Network Quality Measures

* HGC - Heckerman-Geiger-Chickering
* SB - Standard Bayesian
* LC - Local criterion
* LOO - Leave-One-Out cross validation
* CVn,t - n -fold t-times Cross Validation

Quick Start

You can find an overview of jBNC Toolkit, including description how to use tools contained in the tookit here. Sample data can be downloaded here.


jBNC-WEKA package provides WEKA bindings for jBNC. It allows running jBNC classifiers and utilities from within WEKA, in particular from WEKA's graphical user interface called Explorer.


* J.P. Sacha, L. Goodenday, and K.J. Cios. "Bayesian learning for cardiac SPECT image interpretation", Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 26, pp.109-143, 2002.
* J.P. Sacha. "New synthesis of Bayesian network classifiers and interpretation of cardiac SPECT images", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Toledo, 1999.
* N. Friedman, D. Geiger, and M. Goldszmidt. "Bayesian network classifiers", Machine Learning, 29:2/3, 1997.

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