jBNC Toolbox

Package jbnc.inducers

Class Summary
BayesianInducer Abstract class for Bayesian network inducers.
DiscardingBayesianInducer Abstract Bayesian network clasifier inducer that is able to discard attribute nodes that are not dependent on the class node.
FANInducer Constructs Forest Augmented Naive Bayes classifier (FAN).
NaiveBayesInducer Constructs discrete naive-Bayes classifier.
SFANInducer Constructs Selective Forest Augmented Naive Bayes classifier (SFAN).
STANInducer Constructs Selective TAN classifier (STAN).

TANInducer Constructs Tree Augmented naive-Bayes classifier (TAN).

Friedman N, Geiger D, Goldszmidt M.

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